Bikeonomics: The Economics of Riding Your Bike


WASHINGTON DC, October 11, 2012–  Step out on a weekday at 8:45 am on the intersection of U and 15th streets in NorthWest DC, and there are dozens of bicycle riders on the bike lane, waiting for their dedicated traffic light to change.  Some are dressed in suits, others more casually.  Some people are riding expensive looking bikes, some ride more run-of-the-mill bikes, and there are more than a few red Capital Bikeshare bikes.

DC, like many other US cities, has made a substantial investment in bicycle infrastructure in recent years and its residents and businesses have responded with enthusiasm.  This is probably because individuals, commercial establishments, companies, and local governments have begun to recognize that cycling makes economic sense.

More people riding bicycles economically benefits individuals, businesses, and governments.  Increased cycling creates jobs, generates economic activity, and creates savings in health care and fuel costs.  On…

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