Life is Like Riding a Bicycle: To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving

Because of the gorgeous sunny weather we have been having I have been out riding a LOT this week. It fills my mind with visions of bicycle this and bicycle that. So many projects and ideas, I just don’t have the time to do them all. How about you? Is there something you are passionate about that sometimes keeps you awake at night with a head full of possibilities?

I spoke to the Post Falls Rotary a few months ago about Bicycle Tourism and the impact it can have on the local economy.  This blog post reminded me of my presentation because we talked quite a bit about how “if you build a bicycle friendly community the bicyclist will come”…

Campgrounds throughout the Pacific Northwest have campsites just for bicyclists. These campsites cost less because they have less impact, use less space and fewer resources than car sites or RV sites. This is the case with all agencies’ campgrounds, from US Forest Service campgrounds, State and County level campgrounds, to a Corp of Engineers campground […]


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